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Oct 7-11, Louisville, KY

Want to find out the latest Silver Fox events at the convention?
Look no further!
We have an information page dedicated to just Silver Fox Club happenings with dates, times and locations.


Oct 7-11, Louisville, KY

Friday, Oct 6 showroom opens at 7 am closes at midnight

Saturday, Oct 7 showroom opens at 6 am closes at 9 pm
ALL animal checkins must be completed and packets picked up no later than 3 pm
Checkin closes at 4 pm

Sunday, Oct 8 showroom open at 6 am closes at 10 pm
Open SF judging at 8 am by judged by Jim Rowland
Youth SF judging following Open SF

Monday, Oct 9 showroom opens at 6 am closes at 6 pm
Silver Fox Club meeting at 8 am to 9:30 am in Room W2
BIS cavy @ 2 pm
BIS Rabbit following BIS Cavy
ARBA Banquet at 7:30 pm

Tuesday, Oct 10 showroom opens at 7 am closes at 6 pm
New Breed and Variety presentation to the ARBA Standards Committee at 8 am - West Wing
Blue Silver Fox Certificate of Development (COD) is 15th in list on presentations
Rabbit Hopping Exhibition at 8 am until Noon - Pavilion
ARBA Youth Scholarship Raffle Drawing at Noon
ARBA meeting 1 pm in West Hall Banquet
ARBA youth banquet at 6:30 pm at Crown Plaza

Wednesday, Oct 11 showroom opens at 6 am closes at Noon
7 am release of animals


April 5 & 6, 2024

The NSFRC Board of Directors is pleased to announce that 2024 SF Nationals will be held in Decatur, IL at the Decatur Civic Center at the Oren Reynolds Tribute Show on April 5/6.

2025 SILVER FOX NATIONALS aka FoxCon 2025

Spring 2025

The NSFRC Board of Directors is excited to announce that 2025 Nationals will be hosted by the club as a Silver Fox Event. A weekend full of foxy rabbits with workshops, shows and friends. Members of current good standing will have the opportunity to vote on 1 of the following at the 2023 Convention and send in option.

More information coming soon.

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