Blue Silver Foxes

There are currently two Certificates of Development held for other varieties of the Silver Fox; chocolate and blue. Cristy Collins, based out of Minnesota, holds the COD for Chocolate. Chocolate did not pass the first showing at the 2014 Convention. We are very hopefull it will pass at the 2015 Convention.

The Blue variety,unfortunately, became such a rare

Image by Lynn Fischbeck
color that it was dropped from ARBA's Standard of Perfection some years ago. Ruth Wilson, based out of Michigan, holds the COD for Blues. The first showing for Blue will be at the 2015 Convention.

Keep an open eye and you might start seeing blues and chocolates at a show near you shown as Exhibition Entries.

Image by Lynn Fischbeck

Below you will find the Working Standards for the Blue variety:

Certificate of Development - Blue

Color is to be a medium-rich blue with a slate gray under color. Eyes: Bluegray.
Faults: Too light of an under color bordering on light gray or white.
Ruth Wilson